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What is a giving circle?

In its most simple form, a giving circle is a type of philanthropy where a group of individuals donate their own money to a pooled fund, deciding together where to donate. The individual group members each have an equal voice in selecting the recipient of the pooled resources.

What is the time commitment for me to participate in LIFT?

We anticipate 1 or 2 membership meetings each year. You are not required to attend these meetings to participate, so your time commitment could be limited to voting online to select the recipient of LIFT's annual contribution.

What is the monetary obligation?

Members make either a $250 or $500 annual donation ($250 for women who are: under 35, working for non-profits, or out of the workforce) which is paid by the member directly to the nonprofit, so that it is deductible in the same way that a personal donation to the same organization would be.

How does LIFT select the recipients of the group's individual donations?

Individual members are invited and encouraged to research, evaluate, and discuss organizations to support.

Nominations will be accepted from any member for the first half of the calendar year.

A group of 5 volunteers who serve as the Selection Committee will then review the list of nominees.

The Selection Committee will decide the award structure for that year - whether we will give one large award or several small awards, how many organizations to present to the membership from among the nominated organizations, etc.

The members will then vote (each member has an equal vote) to select the organization(s) for that year to be awarded our collective donations.

How much money will an organization receive?

This will vary from year to year. To date, our awards have been in the range of $15,000 - $19,000.

What organizations will be selected?

This is completely dependent on who our members nominate.  We hope to identify organizations that have smaller budgets and for whom our pooled donations could help fill a funding gap or for whom a special project could become a reality.